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After a 22 year career in early education, Linda decided to follow her real passion – art. Starting with a sports theme for a nephew's bedroom, Top Drawer Artwork has become a full time business with plenty of repeat customers, both commercial and residential.

Since opening her company in 1999, she has grown through referrals from satisfied customers from Woodinville to Marysville. Other companies may offer similar services, but Linda's creativity, dependability and ability to listen carefully to her clients means she delivers their vision with a personal touch. 

A member of the Mill Creek Business Association, and the arts and crafts director for the Mill Creek Festival, she has endeavored to capture business by nurturing strong relationships within the community. She has also donated various pieces of her art to local charity auctions.

Linda grew up connected to the arts through her father. She took every art course available during her childhood and in to early adulthood. Starting Top Drawer Artwork created a place for Linda to make a difference with her art. Linda's style can be whimsical or realistic, depending on the needs of the client.

"I love what I do. 
A blank wall or window is an opportunity to bring joy to 
all who see it."

I never feel more like You, dear heavenly Father, than when I create. 
Thank you for the opportunity to make something out of nothing.